A community of railroaders

At CN, we are enthusiastic, energetic and committed to doing great work every day. That’s because we’ve built a community of railroaders and a culture that challenges every employee, in every role, to bring out their best.

Most importantly, our culture fosters Values and Competencies to guide us on how we connect with our people, both inside and outside CN. They provide us with a clear, consistent and simple model of behavior:

Never satisfied, always looking to improve, CN people like to meet change and challenges head-on and have a passion to excel. And they continue to prove it every day. As a result, we are a company that adapts quickly. Through our passion for innovation, we continually look for better — safer, more cost-effective, more sustainable — ways to deliver the goods throughout North America and beyond.

We seek talented people who will positively contribute to our company and its culture. After all, what separates good companies from great companies is the quality of their people. Our people work hard. We're good at what we do. And we continue to improve our skills, always looking for new ways to deliver the goods and be better railroaders, plain and simple, every day.