In 2010 we deepened our commitment to sustainability by appointing a Chief Safety and Sustainability Officer and an Assistant Vice- President of Sustainability, and established a cross-functional working committee dedicated to sustainability efforts. Through our Sustainability Action Plan, we set an environmental focus based on three pillars – emissions and energy efficiency; waste management; and environmental stewardship – and we are actively engaged in meeting the goals established in the plan.

Sustainability Action Plan Themes

  • Improve locomotive fleet fuel efficiency
  • Improve vehicle and vessel fleets’ fuel efficiency
  • Improve building efficiency
  • Invest in sustainable Information Technology
  • Minimize waste streams and ensure good housekeeping
  • Implement a clean right-of-way policy
  • Ongoing environmental stewardship

We have made sustainability an integral part of our business strategy through our approach to governance, environment, safety, people, and community. With our Sustainability Action Plan, we set an environmental sustainability focus based on three pillars: emissions and energy efficiency, waste management, and environmental stewardship. Our outreach initiatives are an important part of executing this strategy, as we continue to focus on creating value for our stakeholders.

Our Environmental Focus

With the powerful environmental advantages of rail and a solid foundation of industry-leading operational efficiency, we are confident in our ability to deliver on our strategy.

To implement our strategy, we developed a Sustainability Action Plan organized around seven themes comprising a large number of projects. These projects are being delivered with the oversight of our executive team and the support of our Sustainability Working Committee and our employees.

Emissions and energy efficiency
We are focused on reducing our carbon footprint and other emissions throughout our operations by expanding our operational excellence, founded on Precision Railroading, to the other aspects of our business, including our vehicle and vessel fleets, as well as our building operations. We also see opportunities in continuing to provide sustainable solutions to our customers, growing the business through cleaner energy markets, and investing in an efficient and reliable infrastructure.

Waste management
Waste management is important to us and we are addressing this issue with two key initiatives: removing old rail ties from our right-of-way, and establishing an aggressive waste reduction program for our buildings and yards.

Environmental stewardship
Our operations and network pass through a wide range of habitat and we are committed to acting as environmental stewards, taking extensive measures to minimize the company’s impact on ecosystems, while striving for a net positive impact on biodiversity.

Looking Ahead

Our focus on environmental sustainability is well aligned with our business goal to create value for our shareholders. With more goods to be moved and the need for more environmentally responsible solutions, we believe we are well positioned to continue to play a leadership role in the transportation sector.