It's All About Location

Designed for quicker transit times, efficiency and superior rail service, our Logistics Parks are built for customer success.

Benefits of Working with CN’s Logistics Parks:

  • Located in strategic areas to better access your market.
  • Co-location within a CN intermodal yard eliminates one truck move.
  • Access to all key logistics services in one place, like: rail, intermodal, warehousing and distribution.
  • Easily accessed by North America’s largest highways.
  • Modern, state-of-the-art facilities with dedicated teams to handle your cargo.


Logistic Parks


Just nine miles outside of Canada’s fastest-growing city, our newest facility has easy highway access. The fully automated terminal has an available container yard, refrigerated container receptacles and direct rail connection to the ports of Prince Rupert and Vancouver.



The first port of call from across the Atlantic and the last outbound port leaving North America, the Port of Halifax is a mainstay in global trade. Via CN, the port is just two days transit from hubs like Toronto, giving cargo ready access to major markets in Canada and the U.S. Midwest. CN is the only rail connection from the Port of Halifax to these hubs. Over $100 million has been invested to improve the port’s competitiveness.


CN’s Memphis Logistics Center is the first to offer access to rail, truck and barge services directly within the park and connect to CN's network to reach the ports of Vancouver, Prince Rupert and Halifax seamlessly. The facility is centrally located with supply chain services to meet every customer’s diverse needs.



For easy and secure transactions, our Montreal facility is a vital link in your supply chain. The terminal is located 10 miles from the Port of Montreal and 9 miles from downtown, offering quick access to domestic and international markets.


CN's Toronto Logistics Park is a network of centrally located, well-established rail, warehousing and distribution centres located in the Greater Toronto Area, offering opportunities for customized logistics solutions to meet specific needs.