Rail Safety at a Glance

Each time you cross a railroad track irresponsibly there is a potential danger.
At CN, we look out for each other, and by everyone looking out for others in their communities, we can help keep them safe.
Our ultimate goal is to bring railroad crossing/trespassing accidents down to zero.

 Together we can save lives.


Rail Safety

Rail Safety

Rail Safety

Rail Safety

Source: In 2016, FRA and RAC
Get Involved

By joining efforts, we can prevent railroad crossing/trespassing accidents.
Here is how you can make sharing what you’ve learned easy. Together we can save lives.

Act now

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Say something! Save the CN Police phone number and call if you witness any unsafe situation near the railroad: 1-800-465-9239.

Act as a role model around trains and tracks.

Share these rail safety tips with your family, friends,colleagues and community.

If you live in a CN-served community, email our Safety team to organize a safety presentation in your local school or volunteer to talk to your kids’ class about rail safety.

Safety Tips

Stay safe around trains and tracks.
 Here are some easy tips to learn and share.


Make a difference in your community by
printing and sharing this rail safety poster. 
Fortune Teller

Print and give CN's rail safety fortune teller
paper to kids and their friends at school. 
In your printer settings, choose
“actual size” (not “fit to page”)

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