2017 Xmas story trees

CN’s Christmas Tree Team

Before you can take the family photo in front of the tree, or hang the stockings up with care, and before a single gift is wrapped or unwrapped, there is a tremendous amount of work that goes into bringing holiday magic to market and much like Santa’s North Pole workshop, CN has its own special deployment of elves committed to making Christmas complete. One of those teams of elves is our dedicated Christmas Tree Team.

Thanks to the hard work of our Christmas Tree Team, by the end of this holiday season, CN will have moved approximately 200 Christmas tree loads coast to coast, from Halifax and Moncton, across Canada, and all the way to Vancouver. With each 53’ container carrying between 800-900 trees, over 170,000+ Christmas trees will have made their way to homes over our trains. This means that over half a million Canadians will probably wake up Christmas morning to find their presents under a tree shipped by CN.


The Christmas Tree Team works tirelessly to coordinate and monitor these deliveries of tree loads across the CN network. With loads often making multiple stops and trees sometimes going to harder to reach rural communities, it can take a lot of finesse to coordinate each shipment. As a result, CN’s Christmas Tree Team has staff on hand 24/7 and together with the help of Christmas Tree champions in network and road operations, they make sure that each unique load of trees gets the special handling it requires.

Our Christmas Tree Team is just one example of how CN keeps Christmas magic moving. Throughout our network, CN team members are working hard behind the scenes to move your favourite holiday treats and everything from wrapping paper and holiday cards to Christmas sweaters and stockings. We even help Santa deliver presents!

For all of their dedication and hard work, we want to send out a big thank you to our Christmas Tree Team, to our railroaders, our CNTL truck drivers, and our partners for keeping the Christmas spirit moving!