Western Canadian Grain Operating Plan

Up to date tracking of our grain movements and the status of our recovery plans.

APRIL 8, 2018 – APRIL 14, 2018

TARGET: 5,000
*The number includes both private and common fleet cars.
NOVEMBER 1, 2017 - MARCH 17, 2018

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We've assembled a toolkit of information you need to know about working with CN this harvest season. We're all in this together and we want to equip you with any and all information you need about working safely and efficiently with us.

Canadian West Coast Grain Export Supply Chain
Canadian West Coast Grain Export Supply Chain

From Farm to Table
Farmers, grain companies, country elevator staff, train engineers, port operators, vessel crews – it takes a lot of people to move grain.

Somewhere between farm and table are the people who make it all happen. Hear from farmers, railroaders and supply chain partners about how they keep grain moving – from seed, to shipping to destination.
New CEO: CN will immediately improve movement of Western Canadian grain Interim President and Chief Executive Officer JJ Ruest said the company will quickly improve the movement of Western Canadian grain and is directing additional people and equipment to clear backlogs across its network.

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Ray-Mont Logistics Grain Transload Facility Now Open Changing the way we export grain from Western Canada

With its grand opening on August 29th, 2017, the state-of-the-art Ray-Mont Logistics grain transload facility is now ready for business.

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The Cost of Doing Business – Export Versus Country Cash Prices CN’s David Przednowek Director of Marketing Grain on how the cost of rail freight fits into grain pricing.

If there is one thing that farmers understand inside out, it’s the cost of doing business. In western Canada, variable crop production costs like seed, fertilizer, and crop protection are sunk into the crop up front.

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CN teams pull together to move Western Canada’s grain CN teams are moving this year’s bumper crop of grain from western Canada’s grain elevators to ports both west and east with speed and efficiency thanks to fine-tuned planning and dedicated teamwork.

CN moved record amounts of grain in April, with 2.7M tons shipped.
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Fourth GrainsConnect Canada Site to be Built Near Calgary New high throughput grain terminal to be constructed in Huxley, AB

When it comes to investing in the grain supply chain, it has been a busy year for GrainsConnect Canada.

Earlier this year, they announced the construction of a new high throughput terminal in Vegreville, AB.
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New grain facility to open in Prince Rupert Ray-Mont Logistics to build a grain container stuffing operation in Prince Rupert

A new partnership between Ray-Mont Logistics, CN and the Port of Prince Rupert would see the building of a new grain container stuffing facility up and running for the 2017/2018 grain crop.
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Strengthening Canadian Grain Viterra to build a high throughput facility in Vegreville, AB

Viterra is growing its presence in northeast Alberta with their announcement of a new high throughput elevator in Vegreville, AB.

The facility will be located along CN’s network and will be served by CN.
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Third GrainsConnect Canada site to be built near Vegreville, Alberta Moving Canadian grain to the global market requires partnership and investment.

Once again, CN is proud to work alongside partners like GrainsConnect Canada who have unveiled the location of their third independent, high throughput grain terminal.

The project is expected to be built near the town of Vegreville, 100 kilometres east of Edmonton.
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New G3 grain facility to open in Vancouver A conduit for competing in the global grain market

An effective, efficient grain supply chain hinges on innovation and investment.

These are the elements of G3 Terminal Vancouver, a new facility designed to optimize grain receiving, storage and shipping throughput operations on Canada’s west coast.
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CN and ILTA’s strategic grain advantage New plant in Saskatoon helps grow booming pulse business

When ILTA Grain, a top global exporter of pulses (peas, beans and lentils) and other specialty crops, was looking to expand its business in 2012, CN was developing its new container-based supply chain approach for export grains.
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Viterra and CN celebrate new high-capacity facility in Ste Agathe, MB Making Canadian grain producers more competitive in global markets requires ongoing investment and partnerships.

On October 20, CN joined Viterra and its farm customers to celebrate the opening of Viterra’s new high throughput grain elevator in Ste. Agathe, MB.
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G3 Canada Limited opens grain facility in Glenlea, MB Making Canadian grain producers more competitive in global markets requires investment and partnerships.

On Oct. 5, CN and G3 Canada Limited joined together to celebrate the opening of G3 Canada’s new high-efficiency grain elevator in Glenlea, MB. CN will serve the elevator, carrying grain products to gateways on Canada’s west coast for export.
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GrainsConnect Canada announces location of new grain terminal in Canada Strong partnerships produce innovation.

That’s why CN and GrainsConnect Canada have come together to build a modern high-throughput grain terminal as part of an international joint venture.

The state-of-the-art terminal will be built in Maymont, Sask., northwest of Saskatoon on CN’s Prairie North Rail Line between Winnipeg and Edmonton.
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